VISION: A healthier, engaged community connected by trails.

We’re building a comprehensive trail system that unites the people, places, and possibilities of Jefferson County. It’s about bringing the best of Colorado closer to home for every citizen and visitor.


Jeffco Trails Plan

Jefferson County Open Space is facilitating the creation of the first countywide trails plan for Jefferson County, named the Jeffco Trails Plan. The intent of the plan is to create an interconnected and comprehensive system of trails countywide. The plan speaks directly to the desires of our residents – more trails, connectivity, and safe outdoor opportunities close to home.

Starting in early July 2019 with the launch of an online survey and map-based commenting tool and concluding with a booth at the Jefferson County Fair on August 11, 2019, there were many opportunities for the public to provide input.  Over 1,100 comments were received during this period.  Using those comments, the project team is now working to develop a list of potential projects. 


The Jeffco Trails Plan is a collaborative effort among Jefferson County Open Space and our local agency, parks and open space, and non-profit partners. The Jeffco Trails Plan focuses on off-street trails and dovetails with our partners’ existing on-street bicycle and pedestrian plans and trail plans. It coalesces the information from other plans in one place to help identify gaps in the countywide trail network. The plan focuses on trails and greenways outside of Jeffco Open Space properties and explores how our open space properties can contribute to the countywide network of trails.


The Jeffco Trails Plan assesses trail and greenway needs throughout the county and establishes priority areas and projects to be worked on within the next five years. Implementation of the priority projects will help to improve safety for trail users, increase and enhance healthy trail-related recreation opportunities, and allow more people to begin their outdoor experience from their homes.

Coordinated and funded by Jeffco Open Space and Great Outdoors Colorado.